A delicious, quick and easy meal using Sunny Queen Farms Free Range Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs!

  • Serves 8 bombs

  • 2 x 4 packs Sunny Queen Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs
  • 2 x small/medium Roma Tomatoes - sliced
  • Baby Cos or Gem lettuce leaves, torn to smaller pieces
  • 4 strips of Streaky Bacon
  • Step 1.

    Using a sharp knife, cut a very small slice from the bottom of each egg, to create a flat base

  • Step 2.

    Cut the eggs in half horizontally and put the top halves aside

  • Step 3.

    Cook the bacon until crisp and cut into smaller pieces to fit the bomb

  • Step 4.

    Top the egg base with some mayonnaise, then add the lettuce, sliced tomato and crisp bacon

  • Step 5.

    Add a little more mayonnaise to the yolk section of the top half of the egg, balance on the bacon and secure with a cocktail skewer

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